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The Mission - ‘To promote and deliver sport within the Army ensuring that participation in sport returns to being a significant element of the Army offer for both recruiting and retention and that sport is promoted to link with society in order to enhance the Army’s national reputation.’

The Army Sport Control Board (ASCB) was formed on 18 November 1918 by order of the Army Council (ACI 1299). The Army Reserve Sport Board (ARSB) was formed in February 1948 and was affiliated to the ASCB. On 1 April 2011 the ASCB and TASB merged to form one integrated sports board known as the ASCB. This Charter supersedes all previous charters contained in Games and Sports in the Army (AC61021) and the TASB's Rules and General Information (AC62467). The policy for sport in the Army is the responsibility of Hd Trg(A), which is contained in AGAI Volume 1 Chapter 5 'Sport'. The policy for Armed Forces Sport is the responsibility of the Directorate of Training, Education, Skills, Recruiting and Resettlement ( TESRR) and is contained in JSP 660.

Our Army is busy and committed, at the same time ‘transforming’, changing its shape as it implements a ‘whole force’ construct. Our key role will be to support the Army’s retention and recruiting efforts by offering sporting opportunity both as respite against busy programmes and operations but also to assist in honing the competitive edge of our people, so important in a volunteer organisation and one that is, instinctively, competitive in all that it does.

The ASCB is a great place to start in regards to individual funding and support as well as guidance in all assurance and safety matters. Their handy website also contains all the publications you could ever need to get your Motorsport dream started


¨I place a huge premium on sport in the Army. My starting point is that it helps our Army win in battle. It plays a vital role in welfare, morale, operational effectiveness and recovery. Sport produces soldiers who build and lead teams by habit and reflex. It generates and maintains cohesion. It nurtures pride and that essential corollary – humility. It encourages leaders to think clearly, confidently and positively when under pressure. And fundamentally it feeds a winning culture and ethos that inspire hunger for success on the battlefield.¨

CGS, Army Sports Awards 2014

CGS, Army Sports Awards 2014

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