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The team has two things in common; they are Regular and Reserve personnel currently serving with the British Army; and they have a huge passion for Motorsport whether that is to drive, to manage or to maintain.


Lloyd Fountain

Car – MG Maestro Turbo (Class C)

Cap Badge – Royal Engineers

In 2009 Lloyd bought an MG Maestro and competed in the MGOC as well as track days between a busy period of work and tours. A posting to Germany, more tours and subsequently Sandhurst paused his efforts. However, following a successful trial for the Army Karting Team saw him back on the track in 2018 with them.  This convinced him to re-commission his beloved Maestro once more, albeit, with a few modifications. You'll find him fixed under his bonnet most race days, preying to the mechanical MG Rover God's.

Dan Tedstone

Car – EP3 Honda Civic Type R (Class B)

Cap Badge – Royal Signals

Dan took the plunge in to racing after a lifetime of tinkering with all things mechanical, choosing a well proven chassis in the trusty EP3 Honda Civic Type R.

After 3 years of steady results Dan stepped back from racing and delved head first into the growth of the team. The bug has caught up with him once again though and he looks to put the trusty Honda back through its paces with a number of new choice modifications to take on the fastest that class B has to offer.


Will Ashmore

Car – Holden Commodore V8 (Class A)

Cap Badge – Royal Signals

Will has been with the team since 2015 and in addition to driving, he also assists with the management output.  During his time in the team he has proven himself to be one of the most capable and formidable drivers in the team with numerous wins and podiums; so much so in 2018 he won a sports scholarship for his efforts. His thirst for endurance racing sees him currently competing in the Club Enduro championship in his V8 Holden Commodore alongside Matty Taylor.  Will is also an avid sim racer in his spare time.

Sy Skerton

Car - R53 Mini Cooper S (Class B)

Cap Badge - Royal Engineers

After years of competitive sport and obligatory broken bones Sy moved to Motorsport in 2018, hoping a roll cage would allow him to compete without risking further bone damage! Luckily that has been the case and he now competes within the AFRC in his trusty Mini and is looking to progress from sprint racing to endurance racing over the next few years.

Drivers: Meet the Team

Blair Thomson

Car – Renault Clio Cup 197 (Class D)

Cap Badge – Royal Engineers

Blair started his motorsport career in 2012 within the Armed Forces Rally Team (AFRT) as service crew but come 2013 found himself in the driving seat. Blair dabbles between tarmac rallying and circuit racing, both as representational in Army Motorsport. Blair has regularly been at the front of the rallying scene and was awarded Army Rally champion in 2018. Blairs ability to cross deck his rally experience onto track is invaluable and is always one to watch come race day.

John Mitchell

Car – Renault Clio 182 (Class C)

Cap Badge – Royal Logistics Corps

John joined the team in 2018 in his self-built Renault Clio Cup 182. He currently mixes it up in Class D of the AFRC and delivers solid results. John has a lovely collection of classic Fords with his MK2 RS2000 being the pride of the pack. Hopefully he’ll bring it out to race one day!

Drivers: Meet the Team
dougie 1.jpg

Dougie Inglis

Car – Mazda MX5 (Class D)

Cap Badge – Royal Logistics Corps

Dougie officially joined the team in August 2018 after a couple of years of spectating. Starting off in the support role he soon enough caught the bug to go jump in the drivers seat and go racing!  2019 saw him take position on the grid, achieving a life-long dream. And has gained early silverware with his quality race craft. Dougie has also been supporting the team in the Club Enduro championship where he is responsible for running the pit wall and controlling the strategy of the race. Recently for his efforts Dougie was appointed as the long-term Event Manager, responsible for ensuring all events are run smoothly.

Mark Saunders

Car –  Peugeot 206 GTI (Class D)

Cap Badge – Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

Mark has been involved in Army Motorsport since 1998 and has seen success in both 2 and 4 wheel drive disciplines in that time.

He races a very expensive (and frankly ridiculous) Sierra Cosworth RS500 and also a very sensible Peugeot GTI. He spends every hour developing the Sierra and absolutely no time at all on the Pug! Although these cars are 2 extremes of the spectrum they are both as formidable as each other in the trusty hands of Mark.

Drivers: Meet the Team

Ben Gundry

Car – Mk4 Ford Fiesta Zetec (Class C)

Cap Badge – Royal Engineers

Ben has been in the team since 2015 assisting in the paddock until he had built his current car ready for racing in 2016. He drives the understated and underestimated Fiesta. However don’t let looks deceive, Ben knows how to drive and regularly surprises those he races against in his class.

Ben was selected to race in the Army owned BMW 330ci in the intermediate category of the team. Ben has always shown solid results on track and is a gifted mechanic. With a solid support crew Ben will gain silverware in the Roadsports Series.

Tom Sykes

Car – BMW 330ci (Class C)

Cap Badge – Royal Engineers

Tom joined the team at the beginning of 2018 in his self built (with help from the wife Lizzy) BMW 330. He drives primarily in the AFRC however has started to dabble in some medium endurance-based racing car sharing with other team members. Tom, a keen and knowledgeable engineer is always on hand to give sound advice and lean in where required to help others. As such he is a vital member of the Club Enduro team being the lead race engineer.


Phil England

Car – Suburu Impreza WRX (Class B)

Cap Badge – Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

Phil was new to the team in 2020. He has previously raced in a rallycross club, ran a successful Time Attack team and competed in Armed Forces cross country driving events. A keen volunteer for the Forces charity; Mission Motorsport, he is looking forward to racing and assisting other team members in the pits.

Revd Antony Feltham-White OBE

Car – MG Midget Class D

Cap Badge – Royal Army Chaplains Department

Antony started racing in 1998 with an MG Midget, and then moved up to an MGB. Going back to university to study Theology curtailed racing activities for a while but allowed Antony the time to build a serious 1930s racing special with his father with which they enjoyed much success. He joined the Royal Army Chaplains’ Department in 2005 and eventually the old racer went to a new home in Europe and was replaced once more with a 1963 MG Midget. Antony won the ‘fastest faith’ on Top Gear in 2002 and subsequently shared a racing car with Richard Hammond and Ben Collins in the 2CV 24 hr Race at Snetterton. He has also been involved with Goodwood Motorsport events for many years.


Jonathan Candler

Car - Peugeot 306 GTI

Cap Badge - Royal Electrical and Mechancial Engineers

Jonathan is in his 5th season of club level racing following an impressive few years in oval stock racing. He has been involved with AFRC for the last 3 years and committed to racing both 2019 and 2020 seasons to date. The Salisbury based driver uses his motorsport and mechanical knowledge on and off track, working with the Renault Clio Cup and Porsche Carrera GB teams.

Matty Taylor

​Car – E36 Compact M3

Cap Badge – Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

Matt has competed and managed Enduro and Motorcross on bikes and sidecars for over 10 years, he competed up to British Championship level until injuries prevented him from carrying on. In 2016 he joined ASCR where he has since raced both sprint and endurance with Club Enduro being the ultimate goal of 2019. Matt is a mechanical engineer by trade and built his own car which has been used by the team specifically for endurance racing, he also works with other civilian teams where he builds, maintains and supports racers in many varying grids with the Ferrari classic being top.

Drivers: Meet the Team
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