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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there membership costs?

All team members must be paid members of the British Army Motorsport Association (£15 per year).  Drivers are also expected to be paid members of the associated series governing body and organisers.

Will the Army Sports Car Racing team give me a car?

Sadly not.  All drivers have vehicles that are funded, built, operated, and maintained at personal cost. There may be opportunities in the future to drive an Army-owned race car, but an amount of predetermined dedication is required before this is possible. 

Are there any team owned cars?

The ASCR team own two race cars: a BMW 116 Trophy Endurance car and a soon-to-be-built BMW 116 Novice car.  These cars are driven by drivers selected from within the existing wider team.

How much does a race car cost?

It depends upon the base vehicle you choose and the class you plan to enter.  A Class D car such as a Mazda MX5 or a Fiesta ST150 could be bought ready to race, or built, for around £3500-5000.  A more powerful Class B car could cost upwards of £10,000 to buy or build.  A competitive car within Class A such as a BMW M3 could cost upwards of £15,000. The team is however supported by an amazing selection of sponsors, who offer discounts for high quality products that allow us to build, maintain and operate our vehicles at a substantially reduced cost.

What is needed for a car to be eligible to race?

All race cars must be compliant with the direction and regulations contained within the “Motorsports UK Yearbook”.  Mandatory race specific requirements include, but are not limited to; roll cages, extinguisher systems, electrical cut-offs, towing eyes, seats, harnesses and many other key safety considerations.  Cars are inspected by scrutineers prior to each race to ensure compliance.

I want to drive, should I buy a built car or build one myself?

There are merits to both as building a car yourself can sometimes be similar to buying a built car. If you pay a specialist company to build a car, it will typically cost more.

As a driver, how much will I spend during a race season on operation and maintenance?

Again, this depends on your car and class.  A Class D car will without doubt cost a lot less to run than a Class A car. As an example, the expenses for a Mk1 MX5 racing in Class D over 10 rounds is as follows: £300 for race fuel, £150 for brake pads, £400 on tyres, and £200 in servicing items; a Class A car would likely cost triple this!

As a driver, how much will I be required spend annually on entry fees and series registrations?

Drivers need to be paid members of the associated governing bodies and series organisers in order to enter a race. For example, to enter a full season of the Armed Forces Race Challenge (AFRC), you will need to pay a total of £1825. This is based upon an annual 750 Motor Club Membership of £25, an annual AFRC series registration fee of £100, and five double round race weekends, each costing £340.  

Will the team give me financial support?

Potentially, dependant on performance. Drivers may be given differing levels of financial support to cover entry fees based on pre-determined requirements promulgated to the drivers at the ASCR Annual General Meeting which occurs before the race season starts. Any financial assistance will typically be base managed retrospectively meaning drivers must be able to fund their racing upfront.

What do I need to be able to race?

Clearly a car is a necessity.  You will also need to complete the ARDs test in order to attain the race licence.  You also require safety clothing, which must be rated to the appropriate standards and regulations stated in the Motorsports UK blue book.  The ASCR team do have some items that can be loaned on a temporary basis to team members.

Can I become support crew?

Yes, you can. The team cannot function effectively without its support crew members which includes stores personnel, photographers, media representatives and pit crews.  Many current drivers have started as the stores person whilst building their own race car in slow time as and when finances and circumstances allow; this gives them the opportunity to learn from other team members before taking to the track themselves.

Do I need to have mechanical experience to be a support crew member?

No, you do not to have mechanical experience, however, to work on the cars you would need to be able to demonstrate suitable experience and competence.  There are opportunities to learn and receive mentoring and developmental guidance from current members.

How do I join the team?

Prior to each season beginning, the ASCR management tam deliver a selection day event. In order to be selected as a driver you must first have an eligible car and you will be assessed on track by an accredited instructor for skill, driving standards safety and potential.  If you achieve the required standard, you may be offered a place on the selected ASCR team.

Do I need to be a member of the team to enter the Armed Forces Race Challenge?

No, any service person or veteran is permitted to enter the AFRC. An independent entry into the AFRC would not be as a member of the ASCR team. Guests are allowed to enter the series at the organiser’s discretion.

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