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New Wraps at Brands Hatch!

Updated: May 3

Words By SSgt Dan Moughton

Hello Army Sports Car Racing fans!! The 2024 racing season is finally here and we are starting off with rounds 1 and 2 of the Armed Forces Race Challenge at Brands Hatch Indy. Oh, and there's one other thing.... We have a new racing livery courtesy of British Army Xtra and Joyce Designs!

That's right, for 2024, a selection of the drivers have been given this incredible opportunity to have their cars wrapped in this brand new livery by Joyce Design. Lets take a closer look at Paul and Bens Clio 200 and, again new for 2024, Alex Rivetts Lotus Motorsport S1.

A little different from the previous blue!

The team have partnered up with Joyce Design to create this incredible new racing livery. Combining the classic black and red of the Army Motorsport branding with the camouflage worn by the British Army. The keen eyed amongst you will have also spotted the Union Jack on the roof! Further to this, we've kept the black bonnet look with the Army Motorsport logo and there's plenty of room for our partners! It's fair to say that the white racing wheels on the Clio 200 work really nicely with this new livery.... and the lotus... well, that speaks for itself.

New for 2024, the Lotus Motorsport S1

The 2024 AFRC Season Begins!

Its been a fantastic start to the season, with new cars on the grid, racing liveries and, the return of the Rosie and Java BMW 116 Trophy is back on the track. Brands Hatch Indy is both a driver and crowd favourite, as turn one tests the talent and race craft of everyone on the grid and never fails to deliver on nail biting drama! Round 1 was no exception, with a huge collision at the start of the race causing a red flag and race restart.... and we probably don't need to mention the DQ for the lotus's race debut. There may have been a roof incident, some flags ignored and maybe some gravel (but you'll have to head over to our YouTube channel to find out more!).

It wasn't all crashes and DQ's. There was silverware across the board for many of our drivers within the team, a fantastic debut for Mel in the Rosie and Java BMW 116 Trophy and Kieran discovered that you really can get sideways in a BMW 330i. Rumours of retirement have been dispelled, as once again Dougie and his Mazda MX5 took to the track to show the paddock that it's not all about the power in the car, but how you maximise every inch of the track to your advantage.

Overall, it was a great weekend for everyone in the team, showcasing the new race liveries, the return of the Rosie and Java BMW 116 Trophy and, with plenty of lessons learned ready to action for rounds 3 and 4 at Oulton Park Circuit. Stay tuned, the 2024 racing season has begun!

The Rosie and Java BMW 116 Trophy has returned!

Be sure to check out all of our latest videos over on YouTube and don't forget to subscribe to the Army Sports Car Racing Team.


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