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SunVit D-3 Army F430 Debut

It’s finally here, the race we’ve all been waiting for within The Army Sports Racing Team; The Ferrari F430 Round 1 Classic Sports Car Club Slick Series at Silverstone. What an incredible day it was, albeit freezing! The team came together in a dramatic and emotional event all of which comes under guise of Motorsport. The SunVit D-3 Army F430 started out with an incredible qualifying session, with driver Will Ashmore really opening the legs and showing the racing pedigree of the Ferrari, putting the car in a comfortable 9th position.

Race 1 saw the perfect start for the SunVit D-3 Army F430, with Will gaining position after position, climbing the leader board and making a statement in the CSCC Slick Series race. The team banded together, in what can only be described as a perfectly executed pitstop! nipping the Porsche GT Cup Cars for track position. And that is where this fairy tale story ends when laps later disaster struck!

The Ferrari F430, 10 years out of retirement, finally had it’s first mechanical error, a suspected fuel pump issue. The team felt helpless, watching Will fall down the leader board and to an end to his first race of the season at Silverstone.

However, it was all not doom and gloom. The Team took so many positives away from the day and, without question has brought serious attention to the Army Sports Car Racing Team and what we hope to bring to the series. Also, it seems the SunVit D-3 Army F430 is too fast for the Category its currently in and will now be racing against the Porsche GT Cup cars. The SunVit D-3 Army F430 has definitely proven it is up to the task, the cobwebs have been dusted off and the gremlins have been identified. The crowds love to see the car and we can’t wait for the rest of the season.

To watch the full video head over to the Army Sports Car Racing YouTube Channel, this is one you don’t want to miss.

Words by SSgt Dan Moughton


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