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The Rosie & Java Army BMW 116 Debuts at Silverstone

Words by SSgt Dan Moughton.

The Rosie & Java Army BMW 116T

For those who have been following the Army Sports Car Racing Team will notice that the SunVit-D3 Army Holden has found it's way over the pond to a new owner in the USA. For 2023, the Army Sports Car Racing Team will be competing in the National 750 Motor Club 116 Trophy Series. We we will be taking the fight, not just to the drivers from the tri-services, but from across the UK. The is a one make and model series, so it's all about the drivers and the team!

Silverstone played host to some incredible racing, including the rounds 1 and 2 of the Armed Forces Race Challenge. This race weekend (28/04/23) opened the racing season for the 116 Trophy Series, and it did not disappoint. The Rosie & Java Army BMW 116T had its debut race in the 116 Trophy Series, entering the sprint races with drivers Ben Grundy and Will Ashmore.

Both drivers demonstrated why they are some of the top drivers within the Army Sports Car Racing Team, placing the car in competitive positions during their qualifying sessions, with both drivers feeling very confident before their sprint races.

With the car prepared and ready to race, ASCR Team driver Will Ashmore took the BMW out for a very wet Sprint Race 1. An exceptionally tight and close race for every driver on the track, Will had some seriously intense battles, seeing him use all of his experience from racing in the Club Enduro Series. With every passing lap Will was able to cut through the traffic and with a spot of luck placed the A&J Army BMW 116t in 3rd place, giving the team a podium finish and some early season silverware.

Sprint Race 2 saw a much dryer and sunnier Silverstone circuit, with ASCR Team driver Ben Grundy aiming to repeat the results from sprint race 1. Sprint Race 2 was packed full of action with a huge spin out from another driver within the BMW 116 Trophy Series. The racing incident forced Ben to use every ounce of his driving talent to avoid a collision and saved the car with a spectacular save in the A&J Army BMW 116t. Unfortunately, this meant that Ben lost a places but as the race continued, Ben pushed the BMW to the limit, gaining back those lost places with each lap. As the race came to an end, Ben managed to finish much higher than expected, just sitting outside of another podium place.

Without question this was an excellent start to the season and both drivers have said how incredible the race was, full of action and serious competitive racing. Already, on their debut race within the series, the Army Sports Car Racing Team are proving to be formidable force on the grid. It is early days yet in the season however, both Ben and Will have expressed their eagerness for the next round. After a confidence building sprint race, the team is ready for the endurance challenge within the 116 Series.

For even more BMW action, head over to our Youtube Channel @armysportscarracing


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